Family Reunion Ideas for your Stay at Nature’s Getaway

There are so many fun family reunions ideas! It’s not just a time to get together with loved ones you haven’t seen for years, it’s time to create great memories you’ll talk about for a life time. Nature’s Getaway is the perfect spot for a family reunion. We have a variety of cabins nestled in a spectacular wilderness and a wonderful cook house where incredible feasts can be created, families can eat together and play games. Gather at the cook house. Unwind, relaxing and laugh. This is the ideal spot to host your small group of close friends and family.

If your family has spread out over Canada (or around the world), it’s easy to come together at Nature’s Getaway as we are just a short distance from Calgary’s international airport (YYC). Plan for a leisurely, scenic drive as you’ll be frequently stopping to take photos on the way. Once you arrive in this quiet paradise, you can start to recharge away from the bustle of every day life.

Looking for great family reunions ideas?

An Awards Ceremony is a blast!

Plan ahead and dig into your family history to discover interesting stories and then make fun awards to give to that family member. The real fun is when you give the award to the recipient as they get to give a thank you speech which includes an explanation of why they are getting the award. Did you know your aunt won a beauty contest? Did you know you cousin is a bull rider? So many unusual and funny stories will be told. It really is a fantastic way to get to know each other better and have some laughs.

Another variation on this is a Family Trivia game.

Come up with a bunch of questions like: “Who won a car racing in 1977?” or “Who has visited 52 countries including Russia and Iceland?” You can have an award for the person or for the table which gets the most correct answers. The award you give can be a silly award like an old sneaker painted gold, or an old, broken household item like an coffee maker. And the next time you have a family reunion they can award someone else that same award and pass it on. It can be passed on for years to come.

Looking for more family reunion game ideas? Do you want to go exploring? How about a Scavenger Hunt through the forest? Or a Bingo Hike through the woods? We are situated in a spectacular wilderness which is such a pleasure to wander through. Kids will love to search for squirrels, deer foot prints, mushrooms and wild flowers. They can collect photos of their experiences in nature throughout the their stay.

Here are some great event ideas.

Plan a Family Talent Show night.

It’s a hoot! Have you ever seen your great aunt do a hula dance? Did you know that grandpa is a stand-up comedian? Don’t forget to take pictures or record a video of these hidden talents. This event will provide hours of laughter. A variation on this idea is Joke Night or Karaoke Night. Step into the spotlight!

Another wonderful idea is Family Story Time.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the retelling of stories which might be forgotten if not retold. And it’s so much better to hear it directly from the person who actually experienced the event.

One story will remind someone of another which will lead to hours of interesting stories while you roast marshmallows a round a camp fire. And it might even spark a family member to write a memoir to preserve your family history.

Create new memories with a Photo Booth.

It can be a simple set up. Or you could find a Polaroid camera, some film and let people take “selfies”. Be sure to bring markers so they can write message on the photos. After you can create a digital photo album to email to everyone. At the same time why not make a family directory so everyone can keep in touch after the reunion.

Rediscover old memories with a “Who am I?” contest.

Prior to arriving at the family reunion ask people to send you their baby photos. At the family reunion you can create a wall of photos and number them. Then people can try and put a name to the pictures. Another version of this idea is to gather around a campfire and read off facts about a family member and see how quickly someone can guess who it is.

Other family activities to consider are Movie Night, Board Game Night, Dress-Up Dance Party, and Family Olympics.

Some are easier to plan then others but all of them are loads of fun. And don’t forget to leave some down time so you can soak in a hot tub, look at the stars and relax. Sometimes those unplanned hours are the best opportunities to reconnect with each other.

If your family likes to get outside and do something, there’s lots to do around Nordegg. There’s lakes full of fish, rock faces to be scaled, white water rivers to raft, trails to hike, mountains to bike, and the famous Abraham Lake with it’s frozen methane bubbles in the winter. Plan for day trips to the Icefield Parkway or the check out the Brazeau Collieries Mine National Heritage Site. Stretch your legs and take a tour … or walk, or hike, or bike. Regardless of the season, there skiing and snowshoeing too. It’s time to get back to nature and recharge.

Looking for fun food ideas for your family reunion?

How about a bake off or a cake decorating contest? You can decorate cup cakes and then after you’ve judged them and awarded a winner, you get to eat them. Yum! Or make ice cream the old way with a hand cranked ice cream maker. Everyone can take part in the process. Or get the men involved in a BBQ rib contest. Don’t forget about grandma’s famous potato salad! Why not have a pot luck dinner where everyone makes a favourite dish and exchanges recipes. Then you can create a family recipe book.

Here’s some family reunion cake ideas because you don’t want to forget about birthdays or anniversaries. If someone has a birthday during your reunion make sure to have a funny cake for them. It can be decorated around a memory, hilarious story or maybe you decorate the cake to look like them. Let your creativity run wild and create some edible fun!

Are you a family of book worms? How about planning a book exchange?

You could make a it a surprise book exchange and wrap the books ahead of time so no one knows what they are getting. Or if you are a creative family, plan a crafting afternoon. The final results can be shown at dinner that evening. Or work together to create a family tree using photos. Remember to include photos of those who are unable to join you at the reunion.

Those are just a few fun ideas for you to consider when planning your family reunion. And don’t forget that we are here to help you with your plans. We really hope to see you and your extended family soon. Whether you want to relax and rejuvenate, get back to nature, play games of just have some fun. Nature’s Getaway awaits you with starry night skies, camp fires, and quiet natural surroundings. Get back in touch with each other and with nature. Reunite at Nature’s Getaway.


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