Do you have a bucket list? Is it full of things like “see the Mona Lisa” and “go to the Grand Canyon”?

Here is a new bucket list item for you to discover:

The Ice Bubbles at Abraham Lake!

Abraham Lake is such a beautiful lake. It’s renowned for its astounding teal colour. During the summer many day-trippers love to hike the hills to get a better view and take photos, while others love to kayak the lake and have a water-level experience. Either way, it’s always a lovely stop. And most notably, the winter season is visitors’ favourite time to come because of the frozen bubbles!

A Bit of History on Abraham Lake…

Abraham Lake, an artificial lake, came into being in 1972 when the Bighorn Dam was built on the North Saskatchewan River. Originally constructed by the Calgary Power Company, this beautiful, glacial lake is Alberta’s largest reservoir. And it has an unusual phenomenon. What is the draw to Abraham Lake? Methane bubbles. In the winter this clear, teal water freezes and in the ice you can see stacks of bubbles. It’s amazing to see. You won’t regret stopping by.

The Best Time to Visit Abraham Lake

The best time to visit the Abraham Lake Bubbles is in the winter is mid-January to mid-February. The ice bubbles are visible into March and April but the ice surface isn’t as clear and so may affect your viewing experience. Also, ice bubble visibility varies depending on the weather so check the website and, while you’re there, read their safety guide. In the safety guide section, you will find the ice condition updates. They also have some great tips on what gear to bring and how to be safe while exploring the Abraham Lake ice bubbles. Do consider renting ice cleats and signing up for a guided tour as this makes for a more enjoyable visit. 

Is it easy to get to the Abraham Lake ice bubbles?

Yes! Access is from the David Thompson Highway, just 35km west of Nordegg which makes it the perfect place to stop for a visit. Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles viewpoint with the safest access is between the Ice Bubbles Parking Lot and Cline Creek because of its gently sloping shoreline. 

There are a few companies in Nordegg who will take you around the lake and introduce you to the awesome, teal, frozen waterfall known as Crescent Falls. They also help to keep you safe and teach you what to look out for and avoid. Often tours include a professional guide, a picnic lunch, ice cleats, and transportation from Nordegg. Hiring a guide is worth it.

What causes the ice bubbles in Abraham Lake?

It’s vegetation that has been submerged. As it decomposes it releases methane bubbles. In the winter as the lake ice thickens, the bubbles get caught in the ice at varying levels creating stacks of bubbles. Couple that with the white horizontal cracks in the ice and the deep blue colour of the ice around the bubbles and you get gorgeous photos. Clear winter days with blue skies and bright sunshine. It truly is a beautiful place. You can even take photos at night on the lake just remember to bring a light. This is a must-stop for photo enthusiasts.

So whether you are looking for a quick winter stop where you can have lunch and see some methane bubbles in the ice, or you want an awesome day trip with a guide, Abraham Lake methane bubbles are a great addition to your bucket list. If you’re wanting to embark on a full-day experience, plan to stay at Nature’s Getaway. The fully appointed, modern cabins, complete with hot tubs, are a great way to end the perfect day.

Plan to stay the weekend and take in some other great adventures around Nordegg.

Are you into winter hikes or fat tire biking? Try one of the many trails which offer stunning views of Abraham Lake and the surrounding mountains. There’s something about traipsing along a winter trail unmarked by footprints that heals your soul. The sunshine on your face, the fluffy pure white snow, the clean, crisp air… it is a winter paradise.

Bring your snowshoes or cross-country skis and enjoy the sparkling terrain, brilliant blue skies, and bird calls. Nature is all around you. You’ll come across deer and mountain goats feeding along the trails amongst the pines. Climb a frozen waterfall. Gain elevation and take a heli sightseeing tour. Try a heli snowshoe and ice bubble adventure tour towards the Cline River valley. Nordegg has it all… majestic mountains, stunning glaciers, and awesome lakes.

This winter, why not put Abraham Lakes’ ice bubbles on your bucket list and come to Nature’s Getaway – the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate? We hope to see you this winter.

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