Joelle Bourque

Joelle Bourque

Joelle Bourque is a photographer specializing in empowerment sessions, couples, elopements, and portraits that allow you to embrace your most authentic self in magical nature settings.

Jodi Dore-Chai Wallahs

Jodi Dore-Chai Wallahs

In 2003, two Alberta women found a recipe for Masala Chai(Spiced Tea) in a Canadian Living Magazine. Jodi and Heather fell in love with this sweet, spicy, hot drink from India. After making many batches for friends and family they were encouraged to start selling at farmers markets in Central Alberta. This unique company has grown to sell in 30 retail stores, producing a concentrate for 10 Coffee Shops and attending to a busy online store.

Almost 2 decades later, much has changed including the loss of her dear friend and business partner, Heather.

Jodi continues their passion by making Traditional Indian Chai products for a loyal and growing customer base. She has most recently introduced the art of blending tea and spices to her community. These workshops allow Jodi to talk about the cultural ritual of creating chai moments and using tea as an act of meditation and making connections.

Lucinda Watkins

Lucinda Watkins

Lucinda Watkins is from Central Alberta where she lives with her husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 bunny and 1 geriatric chicken.

She spends her free time with her family and runs a non-profit organization that recycles clothing. On her off-season, she teaches group fitness and yoga. She travels the world finding new places to hike.

Lucinda has been a hiking guide since 2018. Offering the opportunity for anyone to join a safe and fun group. The objective for her guided hikes is always fun and connection. There is always time to catch our breath and take a photo. She is certified through OCC (Outdoor Council of Canada) as a Field leader in Hiking, overnight trips, winter hiking, and snowshoeing. She is also an instructor for OCC – teaching outdoor leadership skills. She holds a 40-hour Wilderness first aid certification and keeps safety as a priority.

Crystalynn Tarr

Crystalynn Tarr

Earth Painting with Crystalynn Tarr

Crystalynn is a local artist working with earth pigments. Using soil-based watercolors, by foraged materials. Leaving the land looking as untouched as it was found. Soils are collected from her travels throughout Canada.

Her work seeks to convey a deep sense & celebration of place. To be thankful for its existence, marvel at its provision and respect it as our temporary dwelling.


A gentle foraging walk and a time to be still and notice your surroundings. We will be gathering all the elements of our creations, other than paper. Upon returning to Nature’s Getaway we will begin learning about the materials, the colours & textures they create. The goal of our art session is not the final product but the process and EXPERIENCE.

Crystal Tarr

Tanya Koshowski

Tanya Koshowski

Tanya Koshowski is the founder of Tanya K Leadership Consulting, and Co-Owner of Nature’s Getaway Mountain Resort in beautiful Nordegg, Alberta.

Tanya is an authentic, collaborative, and entrepreneurial community leader. She has built her life’s work around her education, experience, and purpose. Her passion for empowering people, organizations, and communities to be the best they can be so they can create good in the world!

In her capacity as Executive Director of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK), from 2011- 2021, Tanya felt privileged to be part of a team that is inspiring a city of people to take meaningful action, by feeding and caring for kids who would otherwise go hungry. She proudly led this successful and meaningful organization through many opportunities, struggles, and organizational pivots for ten years with a vision that communities ensure no kids go hungry. As an influential non-profit community leader, across Alberta and Canada, she knows what it takes to practice the tactical and the soft side of leadership.

People-Centered Leadership

Transitioning out of her role at BB4CK, Tanya has a passion for helping businesses and organizations with Business and Leadership Development. To support leaders and entrepreneurs to have the courage to be more authentic and human-centered in their practice of leadership. The leadership paradigm is shifting to this way of leading. She guides leaders to learn more about how to listen to themselves, know their purpose, and care for others so that they can be impactful in life and leadership. She refers to this as a ‘People-Centered Leadership’ practice.

Strategic Mapping for Impact

Tanya believes that any successful business or organization has a clear direction of who they are, why they do what they do, their vision, and their values. This is all aligned to actionable goals and she calls this ‘Strategic Mapping for Impact.’ This practice allows people and businesses to lead with authentic confidence, be successful, and be collaboratively better together!

As the Co-Owner of Nature’s Getaway Mountain Resort in beautiful Nordegg, Tanya is fortunate to have an incredibly peaceful place to offer people to come and stay. As an individual getaway, team retreat, or a great family gathering- this is the perfect place to rest, do some planning, and recharge!

Tanya is also a mom of 4 young adults, a spouse to a retired first responder, and a mom to 2 dogs! She can often be found having experiences outdoors, playing with her pups, giving back to the people and things that mean the most, and trying to live life to the fullest!

Tanya Koshowski
(403) 874-7971
[email protected]

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